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I cant find anything worth listening to

2009-04-12 00:49:32 by StealthNice

Is it me or is about.. 90% of the ng hip-hop uploaded music Shit. when i first started listening here.. which was many years ago.. there were a lot of good songs to choose from.. now when i log in.. wanna hear some new stuff.. nice beats.. i cant find anything.. i can go through a whole page and not like 1 song.. wtf is going on?


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2009-06-25 16:53:07

There is nothing you would hate on my page

take a peak


StealthNice responds:

ahh.. let me peeeeek :)


2010-02-16 18:24:54

lol yo i str8 feel that real tlk

StealthNice responds:

it's a shame =x


2010-05-12 20:06:29

Haha delinquent that cocky motherfucker. But the reaason why i for example dont upload full good versions of my songs is cause NG doesnt appreciate good songs. Theyre treated just as equallly as the most mainstream techno song anyone who knows how to use FL or some basic program can make. Thats why i put up short clips of my song to get people interested in checking my other sites. Also 0 bombing is an issue, as well as the fact that EVERY song uploaded can be downloaded for free. All bullshit imo, and thats why NG audio portal fails completely.

StealthNice responds:

yea i see where ur coming from. I just remember back when i first started on this site.. there was so much more of a good selection. not to say there isnt anything now but its just hard to come by. I do like your work btw =)


2010-07-04 06:41:48

I agree with you 100% man. There is a lot of trash on NG in the Hip Hop section compared to when I was first checking beats out on here around 4 or 5 years ago. But there are also producers on newgrounds who are producing much more professional-sounding tunes to what was coming out 4/5 years back. Also, I found that for myself, my expectations have grown. I was thinking the exact same thing as you earlier this year and I went to check out some really old NG tracks that I thought were hot back in the day. I wasn't too impressed. But I definitely agree, there isn't much worth listening to these days.

StealthNice responds:

yea.. there are definitely a handful of worthwhile musicians and producers on here tho. just the fact that they are outnumbered with garbage is the sad part. and horribly categorized music.


2010-07-09 12:08:30

My past 4 songs aint garbage bro..





jpsuperfresh...check em out

StealthNice responds:

i was just saying in general =P ill check your stuff out. I definitely know about everyone on the list you mentioned though. except for f2d.. ill look into them too.

Thanks man :)


2010-07-12 22:48:50

So true... anyway, thanks for reviewing my Lollipop Remix! I really appreciate it!

StealthNice responds:

hey man, any time :)


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2011-10-14 06:18:37

Hi man!
I hope my tracks were nice hearing for you. Always trying do something better for people))

StealthNice responds:

yea man, I always look forward to hearing your work. :)